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Thu 18th Jun 2015 - 5:32pm : General : Gaming
  • A server will be bought today for Deathmatch Warm-ups and In-clan WARS (5v5) Team Gamma and Lambda. For training purposes.


  • MrD "Benjamin Diehl", is now officially the teamleader of the Lambda team, and will build the team from the ground up with Gedehaxx"Kim" and Mexican"


  • MrD is also the training manager, training days are now WEDENSDAY AND SATURDAY AT 20:00. GMT+1, the Training schedules and information is under the training section of this forum.


  • We are currently recruiting still, so i need all of you to have some patience while the teams are set.


  • We got a an active teamfinder-post running that refers to either gamma or lambda teamleaders, stay tuned.


  • The current rosters are updated on the site already.


  • As a VOoDOo member its important that you keep the community alive and active by participating on the forums, aswell as being on mumble whenever you are online. 





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