General Training Informations!

Sat 20th Jun 2015 - 8:40pm : Training

Training days are Wednesday and Saturday! Both at 8 pm GMT +1 (xlog: 7 pm)! If we are training everybody should be able to join us, at least you should be able to join the mumble and listen to the training. If you cannot participate in the training for any reason, then please tell us on the weekly post, which contains information about the upcoming week of training, that and why you cannot join us. Lampda and Gamma will train together except the team leaders (Marco and Me) decide differently! Sometimes you will get some "homework" for example smokes you shall train or improving your aim, please take it seriously and work on those little exercises! Training is something very important so I want you to realise, that without training a team won't work, so do not troll in training or stuff like that!

I wish you a lot of fun,





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