TopicHow to Void a Check in QuickBooks

  • Fri 3rd Apr 2020 - 11:27am

    How to Void a Check in QuickBooks

    Voiding a check erases the amount of the check from the QuickBooks register. Another alternative that you have available to you is to erase your check; however this may not always be a choice that is considered. A voided check will enlist as void in the notice field. On the off chance that you want to void a blank check, you will create another check with an amount of $0. Enter a name in the payee field and assign an account in the cost segment. After this has been finished, you should void the check on the alter menu. In the event that you want to void a check that has already been composed, regardless of whether it has been printed, you will initially need to choose the check in the program. This can be finished by using the banking menu and finding the accounts, after which you will choose the check. At the point when the check has been chosen, you can void in using the alter menu. After it has been voided, click record.

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