TopicQuickBooks File Manager can increase your work efficiency

  • Fri 17th Apr 2020 - 8:46am

    Need for the QuickBooks file manager tool:

    The QuickBooks file manager tool creates a user-friendly environment for your files and directories which can be personalised in accordance with your needs. With the increase in the number of files and their complexities, the complexities might leave you muddle-headed out of nowhere, which can be avoided as the QuickBooks file manager application accomplishes the following:

    1) Import and exporting of files become easier.

    2) Personalised lock settings.

    3) Management of on-time updates of QuickBooks software.

    4) Merging of folders becomes easier

    5) Hassle-free backup.

    Folder merge:

    This might be a case when a single client has multiple folders of a different-different genre and you made multiple folders as for the easy access when entering the data, but there comes a time when there is a need for you to merge the folders for some reason like final calculation. Then this merging job is not going to be cumbersome anymore as the QuickBooks file manager does that with ease of access. You may even create groups based upon the type of client or date of modified etc.

    Personalized lock settings

    You might find this useful when you are protecting the files from possible stealing of your company data as the stealer would be asked to enter the correct credentials first if he/she needs to access the files.

    Easy upgrade of QuickBooks software and files.

    You need not wait for your QuickBooks to upgrade fully to access your files and upgrade them, the QuickBooks file manager tool allows you to upgrade QuickBooks software as well as multiple files in one go, though the process might be consuming, it is fruitful.

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