TopicPsalm 13 - Will You Forget Me Forever?

  • Thu 19th Nov 2020 - 6:00am

    If we can forego the labeling and judging of everything in life as NLP Hero Review  either good or bad remaining in a more neutral position, then the actual sacredness of it all is given the opportunity to shine through. We are ETERNAL beings and nothing can ever change that...nothing! So we might as well relax into life and utilize each and every twist and turn to experience conscious spirit-embodiment.

    As one of my favorite teachers of all time, Neale Donald Walsch, expressed to me years ago, "The message of the masters is not that you shall have eternal life, but that you do..." To see the sacred in all of life not just what we deem the best parts of life is the path to enlightenment--an enlightenment accessible to each and every one of us, not saved for a chosen few, and right here within daily life, dirty socks and all. And as I continuously sift through the layers of my own physical mask, on my most clear days, this is what I would LOVE to shout from the Facebook and Twitter mountaintop :)

    Religious Hindu poems are an integral part of the cultural life of any devout Hindu. Many of these poems are recited or sung as prayers daily or on special occasions, while others are listened to or sung as devotional pieces whenever desired by the devotee.


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