TopicHow to Accept Yourself As God Made You

  • Thu 19th Nov 2020 - 6:37am

    Quite suddenly, I caught the message. My whole being was filled with the most tender love I have ever The Medici Code experienced. I was literally being held in Love, and at the same time ,realizing that I had been loved like this all along, but had not been aware of it, had not been awake to it. I wept.After that, everything took on a new light. I understood, for the first time, the words I had been reading since I was a child.I radiated Love. I beheld a beauty in all, I witnessed healings. And I immersed myself in scripture and Mary Baker Eddy's writings. It was a sacred and holy time. I had touched God, experienced His joy, and grace.

    It's like the difference between reading about someone you admire, studying his or her life, following a career, keeping up on all their work , and then actually meeting them and shaking their hand, exchanging conversation. Or the difference between learning all about Hawaii, and stepping onto the glorious shore and basking in the tropical sun!

    Since that particular time in my life I have learned so much. I've learned that in order to know God, I must go beyond words, beautiful as they might be. I have learned to listen, quietly, and to wait. To wait for that feeling I had as a child when we sang hymns in church. You see now I know what that feeling was. It was my way of meeting God. It is how I feel each morning when I wake. I really know that I really know God by the way my heart fills up with love, by the way I reach inside and pray" Awaken me to You today, sing me into this world, hold my hand and lead me, I shall follow and I shall rejoice, all the rugged way!"

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