TopicHow to Lose Weight Extremely Fast - Foods to Avoid Which Make You Fat

  • Thu 19th Nov 2020 - 9:34am

    Secondly, as a record, your journal will become priceless. Perhaps on a daily basis we cannot 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan measure our growth, our strengths and courage as we experience the weight loss transformation. But if we have a reference we can deliberately and honestly measure our progress. We can turn to the journal when we are feeling defeated and relive milestone moments we have recorded. One of my greatest moments during the weight loss was fitting in size 12 jeans. Imagine it: size 12! I do not want to ever forget that moment, and I will not because it is in my journal and it is a success I visit often. Record those magical moments to relive later, it is worth the time and effort.

    A journal can be a lovely bound writing book, a simple steno tablet, a computer document or even an online blog. Video journaling to share is now possible with so many free video sharing websites available. In journaling, you can commit to daily entries, or write when the mood strikes. You can share your travel log or keep it tucked away and private.

    Some patients elect to keep a weight loss scrapbook and they document their transformation with pictures and captions. What an excellent pastime and celebration of the weight loss, to record in pictures and words the transformation. Others use log sheets to mark progress, specifically fitness log sheets. They begin day one recording walking distance and speed. Looking at a log sheet is an excellent measure of progress. It can be used to identify trends and spot problems. It most certainly is a place to record accomplishments and highlight new records.

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