TopicThe Bates Method - A Gift From the 1920's

  • Fri 20th Nov 2020 - 4:32am

    Eye exercises to improve vision also can be done by blinking. The aim of blinking is to keep your eyes Eagle Eye 911 fresh and lubricated. Another benefit of blinking is to minimize eye strain and to prevent eyes from getting too dry. That is why blinking is quite helpful for your vision health. When you focus on certain objects like computer screens or televisions for a long time, you tend to blink less often. This condition can cause eye fatigue. Blinking is a very helpful exercise for your eyes. Once you have eye stain or eye fatigue, try to blink as often as possible.

    If you work with a computer every day, it is understood your eyes are always tired. Your eyes are tired because of focusing at the computer screen excessively. You can solve this problem by having visual breaks. Try to look at objects at longer distances. This exercise can avoid eye fatigue and maintain your eyes healthy.

    Another eye exercise is to move the eyes. The main goal of this exercise is to maintain the strengths of your eye muscles. Try to move your eyes upwards and then roll the eyes. At first you follow clock rotation. After you make one rotation, reverse the direction. Perform this exercise several times a day.

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