TopicUsing a Wheat Bag for Heat Therapy to Treat Neck Pain

  • Fri 20th Nov 2020 - 7:17am

    The muscle below attaches above the joint, while the muscles  Arctic Blast Review  above attached below the joint. Therefore when your muscles tighten, the spacing in your joint gets smaller. This can cause joint pain, dislocation of joints, and over time wear out your joints.

    Braces and surgery are really only short term fixes. If you are dealing with foot pain, putting in orthotics will stop the pain temporarily, however you are still allowing your body to walk on your feet badly. This will affect your knee later. Surgery is not really the answer either as once you cut something, you can't really put it back, so again you change the body balance.

    We practice medicine as if we think that the bones move the muscles, when actually the muscles move the bones. Most people, and doctors, would say we know that the muscles move the bones. So why do we blame vertebrae for pinched nerves, bulging discs, and even herniated discs, when in fact the muscles are creating the pressure on the discs? If the muscles are tight and creating the pressure, then to put spacers between the vertebrae would seem to increase the pressure which would damage the bone over time. For the short term, you are getting relief by releasing some of the pressure off the discs,but at what cost down the road.

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