TopicThe Three Worst Seasons of the San Francisco 49ers Should Cheer Up Their Fans

  • Fri 20th Nov 2020 - 7:37am

    These two teams have been battling in their intrastate rivalry, since 1958. Florida leads the series, 31-19-2. People Football Winner sometimes refer to this competition as the "Sunshine Showdown" (referring to Florida's nickname as the Sunshine State), or the "Governor's Cup." Adding to the thrill of the game, one or both of the schools' football teams have had high national rankings the week of their meeting, since 1990. In fact, since Bobby Bowden began coaching Florida State in 1976, the series has been virtually deadlocked.

    UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans How intense is the intrastate rivalry between UCLA and USC? It even has a name. The Lexus Gauntlet refers to the competition between USC and UCLA, involving head-to-head competitions in 18 varsity sports. Both universities have participatory events during the week before the clash of the two football teams. USC refers to the week as "Conquest" or "Troy Week." On the other hand, UCLA calls that week "Beat SC Week" (the less combative official title is "Blue and Gold Week.")

    By the way, what exactly are Bruins and Trojans? A Bruin is a huge, vicious bear in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, the Trojans were citizens of Troy-an ancient city in modern-day Turkey.Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies This rivalry is as big as the state of Texas. The teams' football teams annually battle each other on the day following Thanksgiving. The teams do this to give the rivalry a national spotlight. Here is some interesting trivia about the rivalry.

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