TopicTrusting Your Truth

  • Mon 23rd Nov 2020 - 6:43am

    You do not want to sit there for an hour in a blank state. St. Teresa of Avila, in one of her books, told a story Total Money Magnetism about one of her fellow nuns. The nuns in the convent were happy and excited because one nun had been in a thought-free state for nine hours. St. Teresa just scoffed at the fuss and said that it was a useless achievement. All it signified was that the poor nun had sat there without a thought for nine hours.Didn't Saint Teresa of Avila call meditation the prayer of quiet? Yes, and she also called it mental prayer or contemplation. Although meditation in the conventional sense means just concentrating on something, but that's not really what you're talking about either, is it.

    No, this is a specific technique that is actually used in the monasteries and convents of many religions. And in most of those religions, it is only within our lifetime that it has been made available to anyone outside of convents and monasteries.I didn't know that. It is the first time in the history of the world. Previously you had to be a nun or a monk of some religion to get these teachings. So we are very fortunate. I wanted to tell you about someone I knew who was critical towards me for being a meditator. He said "the last thing you should be wanting to do is emptying your mind." He said, you know, "what good is an empty mind going to do you, you're just going to become a slacker."

    A Well, actually I agree with that. Unless you're taught how to meditate, you should not just sit around with a blank mind. That is not the road to spiritual enlightenment. But your friend would have to be taught to meditate, and then he would have to try it for himself. You cannot just explain it to another person. It's not explicable. We are talking about an inner life experience, a mystical experience.

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